Staff of the Makurdi College of Nursing Sciences (MCONS) have been called upon to play their part to ensure that the college’s strategic objectives are achieved. The call was made by the Provost, Nurse Maria Igomu, during the orientation of members of staff on 6th November, 2022.

Nurse Maria Igomu commended the College staff, for being present at the orientation for staff, saying other colleges needed to emulate this. “It is a good endeavour to familiarize the staff members with the college plans, culture and work ethic. It also helps them feel welcome and secure. MCONS is moving to great heights,” she said.

Nurse Ikpom E.T, the College consultant on his part shared with the staff, some of whom recently joined the College, the mission of the college; “A model institution of highest repute in Nursing and Midwifery education and training including research and community service in Nigeria and globally”. The college, he said, aspires to be the best at the state and eventually in the country. He encouraged all staff to play a role in contributing to the realization of the college’s ambitions. He warned the staff against cliques and called for hard work, saying, “Hard work will be incentivized while there will be sanctions for non-performers.”

He also shared with the staff members the college’s mission which is; Creating excellence in knowledge and skills through research and teaching in order to develop the individual who is capable of responding to all emerging health challenges and setting agenda for change in the healthcare industry in a collaborative inter-professional learning and practice environment.

Mr. Daniel Dakas Iyough, the College’s Registrar informed the staff members that decision making at the colleges is done by committees. The college has got the Administrative Board, Academic Board, Quality Assurance Committee, Establishments and Appointments Board. The committees are mainly comprised of Heads of Departments and Units.

The staff were also trained on Managing time and work load. The HOD, Nurse Silas Oyibo, shared with the staff that we cannot manage time but rather manage ourselves so that we utilize the time we have effectively. He shared some skills to help staff manage themselves, which include; being organized, prioritizing, setting goals, strong communication skills, effective planning, delegating and handling stress in a positive way. 

The area of Accounts and Bursary was handled by the College Bursar, Mr. Gowon Lijam, who is the head of Bursary. He emphasized that for transparency and accountability, staff should take note of all the channels of financial communications. He gave directions on how to request and use funds in the College. 

The Consultant  of the College, Nr. Ikpom E.T, shared the work ethic and values staff should have.

Employees with a strong work ethic exhibit a particular set of values and behaviors, he said. These characteristics make them standout as highly coveted team members and praise-worthy employees. Some of these qualities include; Reliability, Dedication, Discipline, Productivity, Cooperation, Integrity, Responsibility and Professionalism. He called on staff to practice good customer care, saying “A person can forget the words you said and the help you offered to them but they will never forget how you made them feel.” While concluding his submission, Nr. Ikpom E.T emphasized that “customer care is not a department, it is the attitude.” He called on all staff to ensure they offer the best customer experiences to our clients the students.